EA Gets UFC Licence, Will Make Games For Years

EA Gets UFC Licence, Will Make Games For Years

Electronic Arts and UFC president Dana White have just revealed, rather awkwardly, that the publisher has picked up the licence for UFC from previous holders THQ and will be making several games over several years.

I say awkwardly, because in 2010, White had this to say about EA. “Their earnings reports just came out and they suck. This company that used to control the whole video game world and were these big f**king giants, we’ll see where they are in the next two years. And as as far as the MMA space goes, we’ll kick the living shit out of them.”

A lot can happen in two years, hey, Dana?


  • That Dana’s a dick, now that THQ are in the toilet he would have had to go back groveling to EA, maybe he should quit trying to be a bussinessman and go back to being an aerobics instructor.Talk about burning your bridges, like it or not EA are THE big name in sports sims and dissing them is bad bussiness when youve got a sport to promote.I still remember when he said that Tito Ortiz would never fight in the UFC again.

  • Always good to see Dana look like the child he is.

    Hopefully EA takes the good things about the THQ games and really runs with them, while a lot of people seemed to like EA MMA the bottom line is that it played more like a fighting game than an MMA sim, the groundwork was terrible compared to the recent THQ effort.

    I’d love to say that this is a bit of karma for THQ for the terrible way they treated their fans with the exploitative DLC in UFC 2012, but we all know that EA will be no better.

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