EA Is Working On Games For The Wii U

It seems obvious. Of course EA is working on games for the Wii U. But if E3 was any indication, you might have thought otherwise.

But, EA executive Frank Gibeau, speaking to CVG, has stated that EA is working on games for Nintendo's new console, but it just hasn't announced them yet.

"We've got a couple of more games in development for Wii U and we'll have a bigger line-up for Wii U than we did on the Wii," he said.

"It is the first next-generation platform coming out so we're really supporting it.

"Just looking at E3 and where we're at, we wanted to hold our fire a little bit on a couple of the other games that we're working on. We'll have more announcements this summer on the rest of the Wii U line-up."

EA did announce Mass Effect 3 for the Wii U, but nothing much else was shown or discussed at E3. I can think of a fair few uses for Wii U's new controller — particularly for sports games, and by sports games I mean FIFA because that's the only sports game I play!

Regardless, good to see that EA does plan to support the Wii U at launch, although what the support entails, specifically, remains to be seen.

EA 'holding fire' on two unannounced Wii U games [CVG]


    Are we calling the Wii-U 'Next Generation'?
    I would define it as current gen technology... with the Wii having been previous generation hardware.

      It is the next generation. The current gen is Wii/360/PS3, this is the first of the next group. Pretty simple.

      I figure it's current-gen technology, but next-gen console - it uses technology from the present, but heads the lineup of the next wave of console releases.

      To be fair, that while we all suspect that it will be equlivant to the current generation of console, there have been no actual confimation on the hardware specs of the device to my knowledge, so it is plausable the it could still be counted as a next generation console.
      It also begs the question of what qualifies for a "next gen" console in the first place?

      Just because the graphical power isn't 50x better than the current PS/XBOX doesn't mean it's not next gen. What about the screen in the controller? What about the way the controller interacts with the screen? What about the asymmetrical approach to gaming?

      You 'graphics are all that is important' people really shit me off and it's you that is the problem with the stagnant console market. Sony and Microsoft (and Nintendos to a lesser degree) won't push as hard with different tech or experimental ways to play games because consumer numpties won't buy it since it's too different to their old console. Familiarity does not always equal awesome—you need to try new things to advance.

      You could argue that motion controls aren't the best, but look at it as a stepping stone. Things get improved upon and things that didn't work get thrown out. Damn short sighted people. /rant

    Wii U could revolutionise Madden BIG TIME. Especially those couch battles!

    I always love how people bash on the Wii U for being current gen tech, but in reflection what was the Wii? In all honesty its either a brilliant move on Nintendo's behalf or it will not be able to live up to the expectations in sales set by the Wii. Personally I feel that I am ready for a new console and I believe that I am not the only person who thinks that way, however I am not ready to fork out $500 for an experience that while most likely incredibly innovative is also likely to once again stagnate gaming in general.

    I think Nintendo will really deliver ua the orks on thia new console. It has the potential to be tje greatest game system we've ever seen by faaar. It also has the potsntial to be just another game system.. I for one am all behind ninte do. It can't possible be as 'far behind' as the wii originally was.. yet it also might noy be able to 'capture the same magic' the wii did.. in the end speculations wil be laid aside sooner or latwr as nintendo shows off their new face... & I think thwy will emerge victorious... *ahem*
    Lol anyways I think without nintendo in the game industry it would have become stagnant long long ago, they are the real innovators of games, and to me their gameplay is still unparralelled.. tjhoug of course they could do better... so here's that chance... and we will all have to wait and see the array of weapons nintendo will be pulling out of all of thdir many pockdts.

      Are you alright? Your writing appears to have had a stroke.

      Hey Usaamah, reckoning for Danish terabytes of fictional speculations will create an industry of innovative potatoes which disregard unparralelled definition of walls within an agricultural bacon forum.

      That's what I think of your writing.


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