Ever Wonder What Happened To All The Street Fighters?

We've got one interpretation. And it's a funny one. But it's not terribly realistic. Which is why, in some ways, I like this version of "what happened after" for the Street Fighter series a little more.

Canadian artist Arman Akopian has done these great images of some of the central characters in the franchise, depicting them in their later years. A drunk, fat Guile brooding in a bar and on the wrong side of the law just seems right.

It's also nice somebody finally found the time to tell Cammy to find some pants.

TORATSUJI [DeviantArt, via Geek-Art]


    I really liked these, thanks. Good to see a faintly thoughtful take on the characters.

    Central? I'd say half central, half third rate side characters like Fei Long and Cammy...

    Ryu? Ken? Blanka? Sagat? Vega? Bison? Balrog?

    Hey leave Bruce Lee, I mean Fei Long alone, in all seriousness awesome artwork, love the E Honda one.

    haha Guile's one is BRUTAL.

    inner-fanboy in me really wants Capcom to buy this and run with it!!

    The E Honda one is the most satisfying to me. :)

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