Everything You Need To Know About The Wii U, At A Glance

Need to know the fundamentals of Nintendo's upcoming console but don't like, I don't know, scrolling? Or looking at tables? This infographic, listing all the Wii U's publicly-released specs, has you covered.

It comes courtesy of Nintendo Europe, and breaks down both exterior components as well as some of the console's internal specs.

Wii U [Nintendo, via BroGamer]


    Saw this on IGN five days ago.

      Yes a bit late. But I'm still waiting for Nintendo to actually reveal anything significant about the console itself. Yes you have a fancy controller, how about giving us some specs on the actual machine that go beyond saying "it's fast" or "it has memory". I knew that six months ago Nintendo, would you mind revealing what sort of processor it has, how much internal memory there will be or, you know, anything of substance?

      "It's similar to the processor that runs Watson." ooooohhh faaaanceeee! I get thats a good design but it still doesn't tell me anything.

      I think they're just afraid that if they reveal anything both Microsoft and Sony will pop up and announce the PS4 and 720 will beat them by 10%.

      aaaaaand I'm spent....

        Nintendo didn't officially reveal the Wii's system specs. What makes you think they will release the Wii U's system specs?

    Sensor bar?

      yep, you can control some games by pointing the wii-mote to the gamepad. I guess this means full wii backwards compatibility onto the gamepad? Might be handy, actually, even if newer games don't take advantage of the feature.

    I feel like the order they made the A, B, X, Y buttons in will screw with any Xbox converts. Maybe not a good idea...

      Yeah, but seriously... how many 360 owners are actually likely to buy it? I reckon most will be quite happy to wait another 12 months for the next XBox.

      Google "SNES controller" or even "Nintendo DS"

      Nintendo had ABXY buttons before Microsoft. They were on the SNES controllers in exactly this position, as they are on the DS, 3DS and Wii Classic Controller. Why would they change button layout to please *possible*, not *guarenteed*, converts? Some things about Nintendo's designs need to change (their attempts at online for example, which are gradually changing for the better), but their button layout isn't one of them.

      People actually need to look at the buttons to play? If anything, button layout in games will be the same no matter what platform (besides pc of course) the only thing that is different is what is actually there.

      For example a button input that requires O to be pressed on the ps3, would be B on the 360 controller, and A on the wiiU.

      Not to mention why would they try and cater to converts, or better yet what about people playing the ps3 who have symbols on the controller instead?

      Looks damn uncomfortable for lond use too... still want one though.

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