Expanded Mass Effect 3 Ending Arrives June 26

BioWare is releasing the Extended Cut DLC to sci-fi role-playing game Mass Effect 3 on June 26, it said today.

"The Extended Cut expands on the endings of Mass Effect 3 through additional scenes and epilogue sequences," BioWare said on its website. "It provides more of the answers and closure that players have been asking for. It gives a sense of what the future holds as a result of the decisions made throughout the series. And it shows greater detail in the successes or failures based on how players achieved their endings."

The ending of Mass Effect 3 has turned into one of this year's biggest controversies. Just days after the RPG was released this March, the Internet exploded with upset reactions from fans who felt the conclusion to Shepard's story had not lived up to their expectations. Many complained that their choices had no effect on the ultimate resolution of the popular sci-fi trilogy.

Fans even started a petition to demand that BioWare change the game's conclusion.

In late March, BioWare announced that it would release new downloadable content to add new scenes and provide "more clarity for those seeking further closure" to Mass Effect 3.

Kotaku writers had a variety of differing opinions on the controversial ending. Some of us loved it. Others hated it.


    I cbf reinstalling ME3, I'm just going to watch the one ending online.

      Agreed, I have no desire to play Mass Effect 3 or any EA game for that matter. Mass Effect 3 was a good game up until the end, but it lacked that something special that I couldn't put my finger on that Dragon Age: Origins and Mass Effect had and Mass Effect 2 had it kind of.

      Hmm, Origins and ME were made before Bioware become an EA partner while Mass Effect 2 was being made during that process. Take that as you will. =P

        Matt, I agree with everything you just said. And I've been musing the latter for some time now, and the only conclusion I can draw...makes me a little sad.

    About time. I really hope this is the Indoctrination DLC...

    BioWare always said this DLC would be free. For the Xbox users doesn't that go against Microsoft's BS policy on DLC? I've been wondering a lot about that.

      Games are allowed x amount of free DLC on Xbox Live.

      There is free DLC on Xbox Live. For instance both MP packs for ME3 are free,

    Ugh. But... what's the point now? We've already played it and finished it. It's like going back to a game half-finished, you don't have the emotional investment you did when you played it the first time. It's gonna be "oh ok".

    Is the ending really that bad? Man... What have I missed in the last 6 months... Either way it looks like a solid decision to hold out until the new content is out.

    This is the best cos I haven't played it yet. - Well, I couldn't cos my PC specs aren't good enough.
    So when I do get around to playing it - I will get to enjoy the extended cut as if it's my first time...
    As if it's my first time.........

      Ditto. I was still finishing Skyrim when ME3 came out, so I'm only about half way thru - and will get to experience the full ending!

      I've only played half of it so I haven't reached the ending too. *Hi 5* !

    They can do anything they like but Mass Effect can never be unruined. I don't have the heart to fire up ME3 ever again.

    i will play it but my enthusiasm for ME series has greatly reduced.

    i saw over at their blog a picture captioned "Mac Walters reviews the scene where Joker disengages the fight on Earth." they are really trying to justify that choice? really? just that caption has severely soured my view on how this "extended cut" will get me to keep playing. the only thing that will get me excited about the ME series is if they announce a ME4 but even that has me cringing at the idea of a more watered down ME1

    There are so many plot holes that it's screaming for ME4

    Like some others have mentioned - an extended cut ending with more CG sequences for the same rubbish ending - meh.

    I'll wait, read the articles / player opinions and then decide if I YouTube it or I actually reinstall the game and patch it up to experience it first hand (kinda doubtful).

    Nearing the end of ME3 I was already thinking about my next play-through to experiment with different decisions like I did with ME and ME2. At the end of ME3, I remember sitting there flabbergasted after *that* ending dumped me right back on to the bridge of the Normandy with a message box to continue Shepard's adventures by looking to DLC. Why would I want to buy and play DLC when none of it makes any difference?

    Personally, I don't feel there's ever going to be anything that reinvigorates that spark the ME series had for me. For me, it's too late to change the ending (but I still think they should) and I would be quite surprised if the extended cut ending does anything other than adding fuel to the arguments over the ending.

    "Some of us loved it. Others hated it."

    No link for the article on hating it.

      I guess he decided to leave the hate just for the comments.

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