Fifty Bucks? For This Final Fantasy Food? Really?

At the recent Decade of Final Fantasy XI Vana★Fest 2012, Square Enix and gamers celebrated 10 years of FFXI. That's quite a milestone and definitely worthy of celebration. This meal, however, isn't.

The above lunch box cost ¥4000 ($50), which is shocking to people in pricey Japan. The meal looks like something you could get at a convenience store for under ¥1000 ($13), if that. No wonder people online in Japan are calling this a rip-off.

If you show up at events, be prepared to open your wallet. If you show up at Final Fantasy XI events, bring your credit card or a treasure chest of Gil.

おせち問題再来か?FF11のイベントで出された料理が酷いとネットで話題に [秒刊SUNDAY]


    Well, considering everything in FFXI is expensive...

    it's not even like the food looks unique at all. some kind of sausage on a stick, on omelet, rice-balls and something else on a stick. You get all of those from festival stalls for 1/10 the price.
    Now if it were some of the nuts food from Ar Tonelico, then at least it would be cool to look at and not be something you could just get for cheaper somewhere else.

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