Final Fantasy III Has Chocobos Fit For PSP

Have a look at the upcoming PSP version of Final Fantasy III. The game, which hit both the DS and the iOS, will allow players to play through FFIII with the game's original music. It's also has an "auto battle" feature that doubles the speed of the battles for automatic fighting.

It'll be out in Japan on September 20.

FINAL FANTASY III (PSP)ティザートレーラー [YouTube — Thanks Crashpro!]



      Yep, they still make games for it in Japan.

    I dont think it will happen, but i hope it will be localized. I never finished FFIII since my DSi and the game cartridge went AWOL :(

      i really hope that too!!!!!

    i hope it will come to europe after the upcoming release....can't wait to complete my collection!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

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