Final Fantasy VII, Tomb Raider, Other PS1 Games Coming To Vita

Sony will bring its PS1 Classics service to Vita this (northern) summer, it said today at its press conference. Announced games so far include Tomb Raider and Final Fantasy VII. Presumably, the line-up will be a lot more robust when it's actually out.


    FFVII on Vita, but not on PC? Come on Square Enix!
    >>Mad FFVII PC fan here <<

      You've had over ten years to get the PC version of VII. Granted, the music is all midi (I think?)... but still.

        It comes with midi as standard, but the mod community for that game is pretty good. I'm pretty sure there are a few which replace the soundtrack.

        Obviously I played FFVII on PC first and foremost. I just don't have a copy of FFVII on PC anymore, and looking at the prices....

    err FFVII was released on PC...

    More PS1 games will be a very good addition to the Vita.

    Good... but more actual Vita games will be better.

    Get a Playstation emultator for PC, pop the disc in and play! Better than the actual PC version.

    But the PC version lets you play with AC textures and all sorts of other crazy alternative playstyles. If you beaten the ps version it might be worth trying one of the more popular mods to mix things up or just make it insanely difficult.

    All of this was already available on the psp?

    Didnt they say this last E3? And we still havent seen them? Also, no Vita love apart from ass creed and CoD?

    Wonder if they'll do any work on the controls to compensate for the loss of 2 shoulder buttons or if they'll just be flat ports

      I'm sure they could do something along the lines of using the back touchpad to emulate L2/R2 triggers.
      But more importantly, MOAR VITA GAMEZ!

    They really need to hurry this shit up. One of the selling points for Vita (for me anyway) was the promise of Ps1 classics. It's been months and still nothing. Lift your game Sony, it really couldn't be that difficult.

      Yeah, I have to agree. I love my Vita but as soon as I can play MGS1, Crash Team Racing and Spyro the motherfudging Dragon I will love it so much more. The Vita has a PSP emulator, the PSP had a PSone emulator. Surely it isn't hard to port, I really don't understand why it's taking so long. This shouldn't even be an announcement at E3 2012, should've been out long ago.
      Hopefully once it is released it actually includes ALL PSone games that were available on the PSP. If it only includes the small subset mentioned here then I'll be pretty damn disappointed.

    i hope that i don't have to buy another copy... i already bought FFVII off of PSN...

    ...And if they make me pay for any of the PSone games I already own via PSN, then they can blow me

    Does anyone know if this is exclusively for the Vita or whether they'll release these games on the Playstation Suite? I want to know if I can play these on my Xperia Play phone!

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