Final Fantasy XI's Newest Expansion Will Be Seekers Of Adoulin

Commemorating a decade of Final Fantasy XI, Vanafest 2012 revealed a new expansion for the MMO. Seekers of Adoulin will promise new lands, new tales, new jobs — including the "Geomancer", confirmed on the expansion's official site.

Check out its official trailer above. It's mostly text, though the background of the "new tales" clip might give you an idea of what's to come. That's followed by some work-in-progress in-world renders providing a look at what's to come. The expansion is coming in 2013 for PC and Xbox 360.

Final Fantasy XI: Seekers of Adoulin [Official Site; h/t Flionheart]


    you people need to move onto ff 14 2.0

      they are separate teams. 2.0 is looking pretty sweet! FFXI is really showing its age now. if they want to boost players they should consider severely reducing the monthly fee or just make it free to play altogether.

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