Finally, Your Xbox Live Avatar Can Take An Official Skyrim Arrow In The Knee

It had to happen eventually, and now it has. Among the many new Xbox Live avatar costumes that Bethesda released today is one that takes the meme to end all memes to its logical conclusion.

Yes, for a mere 240 Microsoft points, your avatar can injure him or herself in the best, most Skyrimmy way possible.

I think I am actually going to buy this.


    I don't buy Avatar items, promo's for pre-ordering or collectors editions with other things fine but I'd rather save my points for an actual game.

    But upon seeing this, I don't know if I should laugh or cry.

    Bahaha - mannn this actually made me laugh! :D

    More for the fact that the avatar looks so damned happy that they've taken an arrow to the knee.

    fine print

    while item is equipped user can no longer play or purchase games in the category "adventure"

    Yes, but where are my curved swords. Hmm, curved, swords...

      You'll get your curved swords after you catch that thief stealing sweet rolls.

    Sword in the chest or GTFO.

    Look closer, it's not actually in the knee, it's stuck in the armor....
    False advertising, someone sue them please. It's a shit joke anyway.

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