First 3DS XL Hands-On Previews Report Improved 3D, Clear Graphics

Several French gaming sites have published the first hands-on impressions. Thanks to Google Translate and friendly NeoGAF Posters, it would appear that the French demonstrators are quite impressed with the new, bigger handheld.

From a hands-on posted to the site Puissance Nintendo come the following impressions, along with the above video and image below (Google Translated via GAF):

  • Huge screen
  • Better viewing angle
  • 3D effect looks better/more effective/more natural
  • 2D mode looks better than regular 3DS
  • Image looks better/softer (they assume there might be some filter but not sure)
  • The grip (round corners) fit nicely
  • Unit fits better in hands (they wonder if it should've been the main design in first place)
  • Unit is lighter than they expected
  • There's a coat in the unit (not fully matte) that gives it a "deluxe plastic imitating metal" look
  • Not sure at the sound as the room was quite noisy
  • A second preview at Bamar En Live has a similar takeaway, with the translation saying that, vitally, the games don't look degraded on the 3DS XL's bigger screen. "While the image looked worse on a DSiXL than on a DSi, it's not the case here. 3DSXL pixels look as defined as on 3DS."

Sounds good to me. I really just may have to upgrade my 3DS. And by "upgrade" I mean "replace entirely." Oh, well…

J'ai testé la future Nintendo 3DS XL [Bamar En Live via NeoGAF] EXCLU - On a testé la 3DS XL! [Puissance Nintendo via NeoGAF]


    I just can't understand why Nintendo didn't include a second analog on the XL.

    Great option for those of us who haven't bought a 3DS yet, and also if you don't take it on the road.

    Damnit I was hoping it wouldn't be as good so I'd feel less bad about having a normal 3DS :P

    I've got a fat DS, DS Lite and DSi XL and the XL is definitely my favourite. I hardly take my portables out of the house so portability/size doesn't really matter and the bigger screen would be good. Lack of a second stick still gets me though...

    Though, doesn't look as stylish as the standard 3DS.

    That looks really nice... One thing I hated about Ocarina of Time on 3DS was the squinting... everything was soo small!

    Yay this awesome, will definitely "upgrade". Any word on Aussies getting chargers included?

    Looks incredible. Hope I can get a good deal on trading it in that saves me more than just $70.

    Okay now that its been confirmed that the unit isn't a pixelated mess...I MIGHT upgrade...that bigger screen is awfully tempting.

    Would be cool to know how DS games look. Currently they look pretty poor; either blurry or small because of the black bars added.

      I heard something about them looking much clearer because of the 1:1 pixel scaling, same as they were on DSi XL.

      Basically they won't look janky.

    I have never used my DS outside of the house except once where I found the sun made it impossible to actually play it, so a huge 3DS isn't an issue for me. This thing looks pretty great, and pending reviews of things like Paper Mario, NSMB2 or other future announcements, this will probably be the 3DS I end up buying.

      I don't travel with my DS, either. I think most of the hours spent on my DS have been in bed, so this looks like a pretty good option for me.

    Can you transfer purchases between machines?

      yes, but all content is removed from the old machine once copied

    The two-tone colours are terrible, though. I wish we got full black and full white as options.

    Should have built in the second circle pad...

      What an original suggestion!!

    That looks significantly better than I imagined it would.

    The wait until the end of August just became even longer..

    Yep. I'm glad I waited to see what happened before investing in a 3DS.

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