First Photos Of Watch Dogs, E3's Most Impressive Game So Far

Here are new screenshots for Watch Dogs, Ubisoft's original new action-adventure game that looks absolutely spectacular thus far.

No word on which consoles Watch Dog will be on.


    It will be on PS3, 360 and PC.

      Live demo was apparently running on PS3. Actually hard to beleive, it looks like a potential next gen game, especially when the cars start crashing in the rain.

        Ubisoft confirmed that the stage demo was running on a high end PC to make the game look more impressive. Even though they are yet to confirm when it will be on PC. Be on PS3 and 360 first.

        It was on PC, you PS3 fanboy you

      but no doubt the pc version will include their draconian always online DRM. which as long as they use i'm not interested in anything they have to offer.

        They've stopped doing that. Ever since there was massive backlash from From Dust having it - despite them saying it wouldn't - they've had once-only activation. Driver: San Francisco, Rayman Origins and Future Soldier haven't had always-on DRM. Unfortunately, EA is apparently giving Sim City always-on though :C

    I didn't see the vid, but I'm getting very distinct The Saboteur vibes from the pics.

      That's good because The Saboteur was fun! I loved sneaking around an blowing up Nazi's trucks and bases right under their noses.

        Definitely an overlooked gem. A little rough around the edges, but still a great game.

    Everybody's getting hyped for a new IP? Have we reached a point where the average gamer is tired of sequels and are easily excited for something new?

      No, they're just confused and think this is the new name for GTA5


        Nah, they're just confused and think this is the second half of Assassin's Creed 3.

      It's not about whether the average gamer is tired of sequels, they have been for a while. It's about whether the PUBLISHERS (ie: the people who fund the game development) are tired of sequels.

        Haha, when has a publisher ever been tired of milking money? :P

    Shit looks very interesting and hopefully fun. Fingers crossed it stays similar to that, no over the top shooting everything arcade style or brush off mega violence for the sake of it, more weighted actions with consequence ala the last of us.

    The 'hacker' (for lack of a better term) stuff looks interesting, especially if it is usable on the fly and there are multiple ways to complete missions using different tactics.

    Also: cars that drive properly! Completely unlike GTA4...

    Just when you'd thought you'd seen everything this generation has to offer - out comes this! I was reminded a lot of the TV show "Person of Interest"

    "No word on which consoles Watch Dog will be on."

    No word on which platforms Watch Dog will be on.

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