Five Minutes Of Back-Alley Slaughter: Assassin's Creed III's Singleplayer Gameplay

Tired of all the fancy trailers and clambering around in the snow? Here's five minutes of Assassin's Creed III singleplayer gameplay that should look a little more familiar to veterans of the series, since it's all in a town, and is all about sneaking up on people before sticking them with the pointy end.


    I grow increasingly frustrated with the patience of enemies who all queue up nicely and wait their turn to be slaughtered. Also a shame that Connor's weapons are made of steel, while it appears the soldiers' are made of Play-Doh.


      (AC combat is stupid and makes no sense, but it's fun to have them all circle round you like idiots waiting to get skewered!)

        AC games need to maintain a certain elegance in fighting, which wouldn't work if everyone attacked at once. There's a line between the sort of combat found in AC and that found in action games such as Darksiders. Batman manages to walk that line (or sits just over it). It's combat, although brutish, maintains elegance. AC plays it a little safe.
        Goons take turns plenty of games. That's not what's broken about AC's combat, it's the almost impenetrable blocking and oversimplified/overpowered countering.
        From the sounds of things Liberation is addressing this. I wonder if III will be doing the same.

          Yep. It's like the Bourne movies. Completely stupid and unrealistic but there's still some sense of challenge.

      I'd personally much rather them being a rabble of folks who'd accidentally hit one another when they all charge in.

    Hahahaha I love that one disguised redcoat that just glitches out and stands there like a scarecrow xD
    Btw this is actually the Wii U version of the game, since the player is switching weapons without the weapon wheel showing up on-screen (also says on the title of the youtube page)

    Any one notice this was the WiiU version? Looks good, looking forward to getting my hands on the PC version.

    The part where he was walking in between those redcoats and no one noticed a guy in robes covered in weapons makes the games AI look more stupid and blind than what they are already are.

    Anyways what would be pretty awesome if Assassins Creed 4 is set in Westeros and you play as a faceless man or someone interesting, that would be awesome. Anyways its looking all right, but since this is Ubisoft and Assassins creed, I wouldn't be surprised if most of the game is press x to murder everyone in the room, since the games have become easier and easier lately.

      no he was pretending to be arrested couldnt you see his hands behinds his back.

      Actually he was walking with a group of redcoats that were not on alert, pretending to be a prisoner. When a superior praised them for the capture they all woke up to the fact they were not meant to be escorting anyone and realised he were an enemy.

        He actually stopped a moment and whistled the eagle call. I was confused the first time watching it, but I realized these are his comrades dressed as lobster coats, like the mercs, thieves and courtesans we hired of old :)

        Because just going up to a bunch of redcoats and walking in the middle of them is so natural to begin with?
        This guy sticks out so much in this video, more than any other AS game... am I the only one that thinks this?

        Close, but if you listen carefully you can here the eagle sound that played when you called members of your brotherhood in prior AC games. As such it's likely that these are allies as some do turn to slow down the real red coats to give Conner a chance to run but he fought anyway.

    Looks like another good addition to an already excelent series. I for one will be spending the $$ on this one.

    Not too bad I suppose - I did quite like the airborne attack from the tree - though I couldn't help but laugh when he took his place in between the two blokes at the market and they simply didn't mind his presence... They continued conversing as if a hooded figure clad with weapons handn't 'inconspicuously' leaned against their stall...

    That's one of the things that ruins the immersion a tad for me with AC games - when the crowd's reaction is so damn unlikely. Another killer is that these assassins have been running around in the same gear, with the same bountiful stash of weapons clearly visible on their figure, yet nobody has managed to effectively pick them out of a crowd in centuries. Bah.

    Revelations was the best game I've played in 3D so far, can't wait for this one, even with the one at a time combat and soldiers who don't react when you assassinate the person they're talking too.

    What's with the tow awful circle above his head that creates a web pattern branching out over the surrounding environment? Talking about a visually confusing, ugly idea.

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