Four Games, One Cartridge: Guild01 In Action

Level-5's newest title, Guild01, is four games in one. Each of the four was made by a famous game creator (or in one case a comedian) and are completely unrelated in every way.

The first is Liberation Girl (Kaiho Shojou), a 3D shooter designed by Suda51 that falls along the same lines of Kid Icarus Uprising. The second is a rhythm-based RPG called Omasse's Rental Weapon Shop (Rental Bukiya de Omasse) where you make and sell weapons to questing adventurers. The third title is Aero Porter — a puzzle game where you must sort the bags in an airport and get them on their correct flights. The final title is an RPG by the creator of Final Fantasy Tactics and Vagrant story called Crimson Shroud which is built like you are playing a table top RPG.

To see each of these four games in action, check out the video above.

Guild01 was released on May 31, 2012, in Japan. There is currently no word on a Western release. Stay tuned to Kotaku East for the full import preview later this week.




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