Free Yourself With The First Django Unchained Trailer

Here's the first look at Quentin Tarantino's upcoming film.


    Tarantino's making a western......not surprising

    When it comes to movies, Tarantino like a stand up comic doing impersonations, he's just mimicking, not original. Some directors throw a nod to other genres or influences but Tarantino's entire style is one big reference. He is entertaining, but completely without substance.

      I'd rather watch a good unoriginal movie than a bad original one.

        It references other movies, but is in no way derivative. I'm with Braaains on this. Do I want to watch the original Django? not really. Do I want to watch this? Hell yeah. No one does a good revenge flick like Tarantino (alright maybe not no one). And any movie that makes extensive use of James Brown's The Big Payback is alright by me.

    I loved Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction was pretty good, jackie Brown SUCKED, Kill Bill was ok (too many boring fucking monologues in pt 2), and Inglorious Basterds was great, but this looks awesome!

    Can't wait !! I look forward toe very Tarantino film, and in the rare case that they suck, they're easily overlooked.
    Reservoir Dogs is one of my top 5 films and, in my opinion, it's still his best.

    The only good thing about that was the original cameo at the end. This is a pass for me. I'll stick to the original

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