From Skyrim To Mario, No Video Game Is Safe From Conan O'Brien

Conan O'Brien and crew debuted a fresh batch of new video games last night, and I'm not sure which ones I should pick up first. Which sounds better, Super Diabetic Mario Brothers or The Elder Scrolls: Skymall?

I'm all about Grand Theft Auto: Texting While Driving Edition myself, but only because the feature Conan's writers came up with, having messages appear on-screen while you drive, would actually be a pretty nifty way to connect with other characters in a real Grand Theft Auto game. You watching, Rockstar?

Oh, and watch out for the cheap shot at UFC at the end, it's ever-so-slightly not safe for work.


    i dont know if you have show Conan O Brien video game videos before, but you can you make it a regular on here.

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