Frozen Synapse Looks Like It Was Born For The iPad

I'm really ashamed that I haven't actually played Frozen Synapse yet, despite the fact that I loved the concept — simultaneous multiplayer turn based strategy, kinda like Battleships times a million. Despite the fact the game made its debut on PC, it seems like a game that would really benefit from a touch interface — this first look at the game's iPad port totally confirms it.

Pretty sure I'm going to go home and buy the PC version of this game when I get home. I don't know why I've been holding out so long...

Thanks McGarnigal!


    The developers have confirmed that it is completely cross-platform between iPad and PC. And your turns are all sent to the cloud so you can take a turn on your PC and then take another turn later while on the train on an iPad.

      That's a great concept.

        Asynchronous multiplayer is the way of the future (for strategy games anyway).

        Did you know iOS Worms 2 has asynchronous multiplayer? It works really well to. Make your move, it gets uploaded to Game Center. Later, you get notified that it's your turn again and you get to watch what your opponent did.

        And Carcassonne remains possibly the greatest implementation of play by mail.

    Kinda reminds me of MGS PSX for some reason.

    It's a very cool game. I bought 2 copies and gifted one to a mate and it cost me $24AUD back when it came out. The soundtrack is awesome as well. Would be great if they can get it on to the Android tablets as well at some point.

      They have said "no promises" but are looking into Android as a possibility:

    I haven't played this much, but I would like to see this on Android.

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