GAME Officially Goes Into Liquidation

After the news that GAME was closing all remaining stores, going into liquidation was almost an inevitability, but PwC, GAME's administrators have just confirmed that the creditors have voted, and the company will officially be going into liquidation. Kate Warwick and Greg Hall of PwC have been appointed as liquidators.

“Fifteen GAME stores continue to operate. These stores have commenced a final clearance sale whilst we continue to progress interest in the remaining parts of the business,” Liquidator and PwC Partner Kate Warwick said.

At the moment it seems as though PwC's priority is maximising returns to the creditors through any assets GAME has left.

As a result of the liquidation former employees of GAME are eligible for the Federal Government’s General Employee Entitlements and Redundancy Scheme (GEERS). According to a statement sent out by PwC today the administrators have been working closely with GEERS to assist this process.


    Please clear your delicious ps vita for 60% off.

      That'll never happen, don't think Sony would allow that anyway. They will probably be sold off to competitors or something. Also, my Vita isn't delicious, unless i'm doing it wrong :P

        That's because you didn't deep fry them:

          I had to close my shop over the weekend, was so sad, I been working at GAME for a couple years now and I'm going to miss it, not to mention I have no job anymore and have to try find another in this economic climate, so I hope all those nasty people are happy, they get their sale whilst we loose our livelihood.

    Game Greenhills will contiinue to operate as it is the only Franchise store and is unaffected by the liquidation.

      Good to hear they're sticking around. All the retro stuff there is so cool.

      Hope you can rebrand to Gametraders!!!

      OMG! It’s Wayne, that portly bald fellow from GAME Greenhills!

      If they had my franchises they could have avoided this

        im not portly just big boned!

    OMG! It's Wayne, that portly bald fellow from GAME Greenhills!

    The one in my town is closed :(, i went in for same last min 60% off sales only to be dissapointed. And now i hear its going to be turned into an eb game

    Goodbye Game mt druitt it was awesome working for you

      U knew this was coming Brendan!

    Last wknd Hurstville Westfield one was still ok.
    Might not be this wknd though

      Hurstville is closed brosef.


    My 2 locals have shut up shop, anyone know what stores remain in SA? Disappointed there was no big liquidation sale after the joke that was 60% off was only good for preowned, as anything decent was cheekily marked down by $5-$10 to avoid giving discount, yet still priced higher than RRP at JB and in some cases EB :O

    What happens to all the stock that doesnt sell? might have been a better move to keep stores open until weekend and then have fire sale, everything must go.

      I went past the Colonnades store today, it was still open. I overheard the worker say they were the last in SA. I've no idea for how long though, obviously.

      But I ended up going and getting Shadows of the damned new for $15 at EB cause Game still wanted $20 for it second hand... sorry to them, but it looks like it doesn't matter now anyway! ;)

      I don't think you know what RRP means...

        Haha. Smartest thing ive read all day.

    Hope Belconnen Canberra shop gets remade into a Gametraders shop or just a game shop

    Why is everyone do exicted about the sales it's shit all my friends work at one of the last stores and my other friend who was manager at Windsor store close so rousehill blacktown parramatta are the only few stores near me and it's horrible they all are shutting so why is everyone exicted about the sales just imagine if u were In the shoes of the staff I bet you wouldn't still be happy so just think about it

      here here!!!!

        sorry, hear hear!!

        i hear that it suck closing down your own store everyone at windsor were awesome at least plumpton is still around for a bit but have to feel sorry for them all the vultures are circling it now

    So is the internet site still trading normally?

    So EB will be looking to pick up liquidated stock and on sell to their customers ... at a fair price .. won't they?

    Broadway was still open last Crysis2 Brutal Legend Alien Breed and a plush Yoda doll that tells you size doesn't matter when you push its crotch for a grand total of $32

    what happens with payed pre-orders?

      You might get a few bucks back once all the assets and whatnot have been assessed and sold off.

      You've lost your money unfortunately

    just like to know what game shops r still open

    The Miranda store is still open, and according to the guy working there they'll be open for the next three weeks. He also said they were getting a lot of stock in from other stores that already closed down.

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