GAME Running Massive Sale Online And In-Store

We have no further info with regards to potential buyers for GAME, but it is worth noting that, for now, it's running a massive sale, taking 25% off a lot of stock both in-store and online.

A couple of good deals I spotted online are...

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood (360) — $18 (pre-owned) Black WiiRemote (Wii) — $35 Bulletstorm (350) — $28 Child of Eden (PS3) — $19 Dead Space 2 (360) — $34 L.A. Noire (360) — $28

It's worth heading to GAME's official website to see if anything tickles your fancy.


    Bought LA Noire: Complete Edition (Xbox 360) on Saturday for $25.50 at Hurstville GAME. There was one left but I wouldnt be surprised if its gone now.
    Also, Rayman Origins CE (PS3) - $30 inc discount
    Rayman Origins CE (Xbox 360) - $37.5 inc discount

    I wouldn't risk buying online right now from them.

      I dunno. What is the worst that can happen? Just chargeback with the credit card company.

        The worst that can happen is you pay money and receive nothing. Maybe you'll get in a dispute with your credit card company that never gets resolved.

          Chargeback happens in the event of you not receiving products that you paid for online. It's a protection offered by all credit cards to prevent fraud or Game going bankrupt when you've bought something online.

      I just received my copy of Rayman Vita, shipped with free express postage.

      Made my purchase on Monday, arrived today (Wed) at around 12:00PM.


      Doesn't beat getting bulletstorm for 3.50 on Ps3 at Dick smiths as I did.

    With prices like that I can see why they went out of business.

    Some good value here.

    I got PC Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Auditore Edition for $12 (collectors edition with the Lineage DVD, cards and extra singleplayer content).

    The weird thing is that this version is cheaper than the vanilla version oO

    Worst case scenario I lose $12 (assuming chargeback fails).

    Bullestorm on the 350 you say?

      What is this sorcery?

      PC > 350

        360 > 350

    Sad days when these sales prices are still dearer than EB Games sales (SINCE WHEN IS EB CHEAPER THAN ANYONE?? CLEARLY THERE MUST BE A RIP IN THE LOGIC FABRIC SOMEWHERE!!!!!)

    All of these prices suck. OzGameShop is heaps better, and they're not even holding a sale right now.

    Bulletstorm is a good game, but I got it for that price from Game 6 mons ago.

    I just picked up 3DS Steel Diver and Resident Evil Mercenaries for less than 30 AUD delivered

    Ooh, a sale, guess I'll pop down to my local GAME and- oh wait. Oh well, there's one just down- nope, it's gone too.

    There is still a few things on there which are overpriced imho

    I understand they are trying to get the most out of what stock they have left but i wouldn't even think about things like red dead goty for $50 something bucks, ive seen that for $30 in eb.

    Games like these which are fantastic games shouldn't/don't hold price as high as that for this long.

    Gl to them they will need it.

    Can I use my outstanding credit notes? Not interested otherwise.

    lol i got my weekend bargain; MW3 Limited edition. For a sweet-as $5. yes folks FIVE DOLLARS. And the best part??? It had the Redemption codes for COD Elite and dynamic themes, neither of which had been redeemed! Double SCORE!!!

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