GAME To Close All Remaining Stores

Gamespot has just gotten word from PwC that all remaining GAME stores are set to be closed. 16 stores will be closed immediately, with the remaining 15 being closed in the coming weeks.

"In the interests of creditors, the 31 remaining Game stores are to be closed over the coming weeks and a final closing down sale has commenced with discounts of up to 60 percent available in-store and online," said administrator Kate Warwick, in a statement sent to Gamespot

"This is a difficult time for employees and closing the stores was not a decision we made easily. Despite exploring available opportunities for continued trading, the ongoing trading performance and absence of viable offers for the purchase of the business has resulted in these closures."

That "absence of viable offers" also most likely means that PwC's recommendation of liquidation will be presented to creditors today and voted upon. It looks as though GAME will almost certainly go into liquidation at this stage.

GAME Australia to shut all stores [GameSpot]


    What a shame. Hardly ever shopped there, but reduced competition is always bad. Worse is the position a bunch of employees have found themselves in. Good luck, GAME employees!

      This so much.

        i almost cried reading the article. at least i got my rewards card, the MW3 dog tag USB (with GAME in the 2nd tag), a plastic bag from GAME and 30 recipts from buying games from GAME.
        i don't know how that EB Games even does it

    And has there been any mention of GAME's troubles in the mainstream media? Not that I've seen...

      only when it first broke a month back since then nothing has been mentioned

    very sad for employees. The Store itself won't really be missed.

      I will miss it man the engames game where im am are rip off mw3 there was 130 for standard edition

    Well that truly sucks. Best of luck to the employees. Is there anywhere saying which stores are gone immediately?

    I'm a manager at EBGames and daily I get people wandering in and making the passing comment "Boy, I bet you're sure glad GAME has closed down", to which I promptly reply "Not really, no".

    Competition or not, they are in our industry and seeing them completely wiped out isn't a relief. It's scary.

      To be honest, I doubt EB are doing well either at the moment. They always have desperate sales and I doubt GAME would be affected but EB wouldn't.

        To be fair, EB has been going from sale to sale for at least 10 years, and it certainly seems to work for them. That being said, I think all games retailers should be concerned right now.

          I think the fact that EB is constantly on "SALE" is pretty much what has kept them going. I remember when I lived in Geelong and GAME set up across from them and from the moment GAME opened to the moment they pulled out of Geelong, EB was constantly having sales, 2 for1, $20, $25, Pre-Owned sale, Managers Specials, you name it - they put it on special! By contrast GAME had only one really good sale while they were there (and in subsequent years have done about one really good sale per year)

          I feel sorry for the people who worked there over the years but GAME had the misfortune of getting involved in the Australian market around the exact time that people started to really get annoyed with the price of games (and stuff in general)

        The only time I ever shop at EB is when they have those sales.

    I work at Game, I just found out through Kotaku, thanks for letting the workers know.

      this is what makes the way they're handling this appalling; even the staff need to wait for 3rd party announcement to find out if they still have a job. Best of luck with the job hunt Durdler.

        Don't worry, us who were closed a few weeks ago found out the same way...thanks GAME, nice to know your one redeeming factor were treated horribly.

        This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

          Have a little respect asshole. Real or not, gives you no right to assume they're not telling the truth.

      Mojo sent your way mate.
      All the best looking for a new job.

      It certainly is a bloody brilliant that as staff members we have to find out what is happening with our jobsthrough Kotaku and other media sources. Cheers for the support from the area managers (Y)

      I was part of the first group of stores that were closed down with the other 59 stores, I found out through Kotaku too. Mind you, so did our Area Manager. All respect for the company was lost that day.

    Adeptus : there was and the Asshat journalist made it sound like it was the customers fault for buying games overseas (if that where true why hasn't EB game been in the same boat?) not the fact that GAME AU had been in credit for over a year .... They where been proped up by GAME UK (parent Company) for along time ..A lot of the games they where selling where been imported from the UK and had Aus classification stickers slap on them. I'm pretty sure that the big sale they had 12 months or so ago was the first sign of trouble but UK Game helped up until the UK lot hit admin problems of their own a few month back. UK GAMe where lucky to get bailed out by some banking group - I think they had to cut ties with GAME AU as apart of this - that's when the things hit the fan for GAME AU.

      Eh.. My local game never sold such games, maybe it was select stores, cause the 2 games i've been to here on the Gold Coast never did such thing as far as I am aware.

    Such a shame, on the rare occasions that I bought something locally, it was often from Game (including a PS3 and my Vita...)

    i hope the store in my town is still open for a few days, i wanna get in there to buy up stuff

    I've been in and bought a hand full of stuff from Game in Blacktown and Parramatta.
    Sad to see them disappear from the local industry.

    So sad for the employees though it speaks volumes that even though half the stuff is up to 60% off i can still find it cheaper elsewhere.

    It's sad news for the employees...I bought my PS3 Slim from Game...bought my PSP 3000 and PSP Go from Game...I did like shopping there from time to time and its sad to see it close.

    Thoughts go to the people that lost their jobs.

    this sucks... the best of a bad bunch are gone... i liked game when compared to EB due to pricing and general attitude of staff

    sad day

    i feel dirty... just bought the just cause and deus ex pack, and far cry 2...
    ...still not clean!!!!!

      Don't feel bad dude, the more you all buy now the less we have to pack up.

    Makes me wonder how EB is still up, i mean i uset to shop heavily at EB till i starte going to gametraders and JB for cheaper prices, would it be because they have a stronger american branch keeping them afloat?

      I believe it's more the matter that their stores are much more well placed, along with the fact they do a decent job at catching passerby attention, although a little less plastic wrap would probably be good for the environment.
      They've also been around much longer than other stores. I can still remember buying C&C renegade from them a long time ago (They were Electronics Boutique) so it just goes to show that they're kind of a big deal in our market after all.

      GameStop own eb games so if we close down every eb games close

    It's sad for the nice people who worked there but I'm sure they will move on and be fine, however I'm kind of glad the jerk of a manager at the GAME closest to me is losing his job. EB was the source of all my store-bought games just because of him.

      which one? I must know if its the same one im thinking of!

      Which store? I must know if it's the same one I'm thinking of!!

        Which store? I must know if it’s the same one I’m thinking of!!

    This is actually great news for the full-time employees, it means they will actually get pay outs! :D

      Highly unlikely. GAME's debts looked to have been dramatically higher than even what PWC's admin fee is and they get first dibs on the money from sold off assets.

        I think my little driod friend is correct, their entitlements should be covered under the govt insurances that we now have in Aust.

          Yes you are right, GEARS (Govt) will pick it up! :D

        Dont believe the hype. The government will pay them out under GEERS.

          Thanks for spelling correction :)

            Geers is great if you qualify, i dont and i have a wife and 2 kids to support and not being a full resident means i get nothing

    Walked past GAME in Belconnen (ACT) Yesterday and saw them packing up shop, also walked past the one in Gungahlin today to witness the shop attendants packing it up. Is the one up in Tuggeranong still open? Or are there no more left in the ACT?

      All ACT stores are closed as of 5.30pm today. That means Belconnen, Tuggernong and Gungahlin.

      Apparently, the store managers were told at a meeting yesterday morning to start packing their stores up as they were closed for good on Wednesday. I'm really hoping that the staff who have held on during all of this get the pay out that they rightly deserve.

    Looks like Collonades/Noarlunga will be the last SA store to go.

    Goodbye GAME Hurstville! Glad to see you guys lasted longer than everyone else.

    (It probably helped that your store was directly opposite Coles)

      Thanks Corey. It was great while it lasted. We got our email to start packing up yesterday. We've had a lot of our regulars get in touch with us and wish us well. The support from our customers has been amazing in a troubling time.
      Thanks for shopping with us over the years.

    all of the stores except the greenhills, east Maitland one will be going, apparently. overheard the manager talking to someone recently. im glad because their stock is so good! they still sell ps1 games!

    i can see other gaming retalers rubbing there hands with glee.

    Weeks of uncertainty as an employee over, time for a big ass bottle of scotch followed by a job search.

      That sucks bro :/

    I used to manage a GAME store back in 2010 when the company first ran in to financial issues- my store was one of the first to go.

    The original owners - GW (who were kept running the Aus side of Game UK) were not experienced enough to go from a local style company to a national brand.

    They ran the company so far in to the ground that has resulted in this. In fact my personal store was opened with the full intent to close 12 months later just so the big bosses were able to get their bonuses.

    I loved my store, my customers and my job more than anything but my closure was not a surprise nor was the recent closures and nor is this.

    It's a tough economy without having the wrong people in charge. Such a shame. Even if it could find new owners the damage to the companies reputation is far too great to repair.

    My thoughts are with those losing their jobs - especially the friends I know still working there.

    Also don't think that EB Games are in the clear. There's not a single retail store (especially game specific) that is doing WELL right now.

    This is only the beginning, prepare yourselves!


    Note: my post may come across as more negative than initially intended.

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