Gaming's Top Screenshot Artist Has Been Capturing Dishonored

Well, this is pretty cool. Duncan Harris, the man who runs the eye-popping website Dead End Thrills (and whose work you'll see from time to time right here at Kotaku), has been working with Bethesda to create in-game photography from their upcoming game Dishonored.

In what feels like an uncommon move for a publisher, Harris has been given access to an early build of the game in order to frame his shots. Bethesda has then been posting his work over at the official Dishonored tumblr — not all of the shots there are his, but the ones in this post are. There should be more on the way, as well.


Dishonored [Official Tumblr]



      whats 'meh'? your opinion of the game? the art shown here?
      c'mon... contribute something, even if I disagree entirely, it's more interesting than 'meh'

      or did you just type 'meh' coz its shorter than 'first'?

    that guy... the Dead End Thrills guy, does some amazing work. & I appreciate how he goes into a bit of detail on how he captured the shots...
    and yeah, I'm pretty keen give Dishonoured a try, so this article is a good combo :)

      I have a feeling you're actually him.

      U sound pretty buttfrustrated there bro.

    Getting 1984 vibes from the first inside picture.

      good call. though i'm also getting a bit of a bioshock vibe...

    Wow this is cool, glad that this guy is getting some industry respect for his brilliant work. No shortage of awesome shots here either :)

    I think this is a pretty smart move by Bethesda.

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