Get A Good Look At The New Black Wii U

The Wii U doesn't just come in white. It now comes in black too! Get a good look at it here.


    I really really really want to hold one of those gamepad controllers. It just doesn't look comfortable, but I would love to be proven otherwise.

    I want a black console white just sooo doesnt match a home entertainment setup. White Wii sat out like a sore thumb

    so the screen is resistive touch like on the 3ds? GAY :(

      As a homosexual, I can indeed confirm that we are resistive touch controlled.


      Also, this:

        This chart does not take in to account golden gaytimes. It needs to be re-worked from the ground up.

      This is good. Capacitive is shit.

        I think you've got that the wrong way around chief. Resistive is shit.

    just saw the nintendo e3 show this consoles going to suck

      Might be so, but it'll still sell millions.

    I think I'll get a black one, if only to distinguish between it and my Wii.

    I think it will sell a shit load, Microsoft and Sony have no fucking idea what they are doing anymore LOL.

    Why is the sync button so prominent? Should be behind the little door. Yes I know, pet peeve, yet I don't like it

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