Get A Real Good Look At The New Nintendo 3DS XL

Here are the first official images of the new Nintendo 3DS XL.

Note that the units with the silver and red exterior casings share the same black interior, which is why there's only the one image of the inside of a "black" 3DS.


    Nintendo would be retarded to put out a 3DS revision without a second circle pad.

      Exactly what games would benefit from this? Nearly all their AAA games gain nothing from an extra thumbpad. If it was the norm, sure. But currently the thumbpad peripheral is just another pointless attachment like the Sega Mega-CD. The newest slew of Nintendo E3 games won't take advantage of it.

      I can't really believe they didn't add the second slide pad!! They have redesigned it to a shape more like the Wii U controller, why not add the second slide pad and let it be used as a Wii u controller also? They would sell a lot more and make the 3DS a lot more functional...almost essential to own a Wii U and 3DS XL.

      E is for Everyone is disappointed again :(

    Here we go again, let the whining about how they didn't change anything/just sucking out money/blah blah blah start!

    Hint: It's not an upgrade, it's just for people with bad eyes, like the older end of their customer base. Even grandmas own DS's in Japan, and their eyesight isn't what it used to be! This is just the handheld game equivalent of the 'large print' book section. :P

      and its not like people HAVE to buy the new one. personally i find the current 3DS a little small for my hands but i dont play it enough to warrant buying a 3DS XL

      Its like if Nintendo never added the Wii motion plus into the Wii mote. They made an add on, now just incorporate it. The use of it is optional... Just give me the option! I would love to use it as would many many Nintendo fans.

      Nintendo of late are really marching to there own beat. I love Nintendo, but these small thing make a big diffrence in the world of multi platform gaming. It's like showing up to Play tennis without any balls.

      If they really say its not needed because of the touch screen, then why is it on the U pad?

    It looks more 'solid' as I've always felt my 3DS is quite flimsy, will wait and see if that's the case though.

    Hope we get the white one. the silver and red ones look cheap :/

    You know what the Silver one looks like?
    The freaking ugly DS Phat...

    It looks, strange. Something about the system just looks, off. It's not as appealing as the original 3DS. The colours and design on that were a little more striking to me. This just looks, meh.

    I'm excited about the larger screens. The thing that got me down on the original 3DS was the size of the screens and the device was a bit too small for my liking. Something half this size increase would do me. Also, it might just seem a bit silly to not put a second Circle Pad on a revision. There aren't that many games that use it right now but that thing can lead to more opportunities for developers. Still, I'll wait until nearby stores have this thing on display before buying it. I'm a little bit skeptical about the resolution and feel of the system. Still this looks interesting and I'm keen to see some reviews and feedback of it.

    So.... There is ganna be a dsxl second circle pad sold seperetly as well?

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