Getting The Grand Theft Auto Band Back Together

Getting The Grand Theft Auto Band Back Together

Only rarely do they ever see each other in a game, so it’s nice to see the stars of every Grand Theft Auto title (at least the ones that had a star) find the time to catch up.

Swap stories, talk about beatings, car chases and unfair checkpoint structures.

If you’re wondering who the brooding chap on the far right is, that’s the mysterious “star” of the Grand Theft Auto V trailer.

The piece is by artist Patrick Brown who, uh, we’ve featured here once or twice before.

Grand Theft Auto Legends 2012 [DeviantArt]



  • CJ with his ridiculous jetpack, Tommy Vercetti with his giant phone… Very nice touches. 😀
    Sure are a lot of men in the room though, and all watching Nico play a game as himself…

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  • I’m not sure I recognise all of these people. There’s Claude Speed, Nico Bellic, Tommy Vercetti, CJ, The Triad guy from the DS game. the black guy with the girl and the biker are from from the two GTA4 expansions.

    That leaves the guy next to Claude and the guy in the foreground, and possibly the guy in the green top arm wrestling, assuming he’s not from the Biker game.

    • The guy in the green top is Vince from Vice City Stories and I believe the guy next to Calude is from Liberty City Stories.

      Thanks, I didn’t know who the guy & girl and biker people were.

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