God Save This British Zombie Game

Remember Ubisoft's quirky Wii U shooter Killer Freaks From Outer Space that was shown off last year? It's basically been retooled and is now called ZombieU. It's also got one of the most impressive trailers I've seen in a long time, complete with a stirring rendition of God Save the Queen.


    It looks like its called 'ZombiU'.

    Concept looks cool, although some gameplay would be much better.

    Looks like a good movie, so why was this shown at a games conference?

    Yeah, maybe you guys haven't noticed, but CGI trailers seem to be the norm these days. But hey, let's only make a big deal about it when Nintendo or a game on a Nintendo console does it. Right?

      Its a big deal because this is Nintendo's new machine, and we still dont really know whats powering it, and how this game will looks.

      Im bloody excited!!

    Fuck. Now I have to buy a WiiU.

    I love how the trailer was staged. I chuckled when the POV shifted to behind the dude with the gun in his mouth to see a horde of zombies charging.
    Hoping the gameplay is cool too! Trailers aren't everything, Dead-Island-I'm-looking-at-you ...

    Well, that was a massive change of tone from Killer Freaks from Outer Space.

    day 1 banned in aus

      Couldn't have said it better.

      Just introduce the long-awaited r18+ rating

    Yeah probs.

    Meh. Dead Island has made me immune to trailers like this.

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