Good Grief, CBS Is Gonna Do A Draw Something TV Show

Good Grief, CBS Is Gonna Do A Draw Something TV Show

CBS, the US network that once made a show out of a Twitter feed, has picked up the pilot for one based on a Zynga game. Draw Something figures to be a celebrity-infested reality/gameshow hybrid that reeks of the old “Win, Lose or Draw” more than it showcases the game or its features.

Per CBS: “Teams of celebrities and everyday users will test their skills in front of a studio audience to earn money and big laughs. Viewers can also play along at home for a chance to win prizes and compete with the celebrities.”

Big laughs? Sure. This is CBS, now, which is steadily cornering over-the-air network TV’s core demographic of old people and the incarcerated. They were with-it enough to buy half-a-season of Shit My Dad Says, pronouncing Shit as Bleep, before canning the show in favour of two-time midseason replacement “Rules of Engagement,” the sitcom equivalent of a rebound lay.

Ryan Seacrest’s production company is behind the Draw Something TV show, which should inspire confidence. Can’t wait to see the special draw-an-ad lightning round.

CBS Picks Up ‘Draw Something’ Reality Pilot [Deadline]


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