Good News: Hitman: Absolution Looks Like Blood Money With Better Graphics

When I read Stephen's written preview of Hitman: Absolution, many of my fears about the game were assuaged.

It certainly sounds a lot like Blood Money, which is one of my favourite games. And now, thanks to this B-roll that was given to press at the preview, we can all see that it really seems to play like Blood Money as well.

I'm certainly not getting the sense that the game is going to be some action-fest, or that they've dropped any of the strategy-riffic open-endedness from it. Which is good news, indeed.


    for those who played blood would of known that the first level in that game was a linear esk tutorial mission with much more action than those what proceeded, much like the first level shown, but it wasn't good for IO to show it off especially in today age where most games are getting easier and easier and were worried that Hitman has lost its brutal difficultly that produced its massive replayability and unbeatable tension.

    I kinder hoped that they would of got rid of the endless looping the main character would do, sure it allows for some fun moments spending hours planning the perfect murder but it would of been more interesting have they got rid of that factor, and also added in randomness in terms of the the targets behaviour and that of others around you, for example you posion a donut, a previous play though showed the target eating the donut but this time the target didn't feel like one and gave it to his guard who dies.

    Anyways I am impressed and cannot wait for this now, I really really liked Blood Money, please dont disappoint.

      Cool donut example. Otherwise hopefully you can trigger a few accidents for normal civilians before completing the mission. 7 o'clock news reads "8 tragedic deaths in Chinatown in 45 minutes" Agent 47 needs to let off some steam.

    hope they fix the stair animation..this looks amateurish

      If you take a look at the top left corner, you'll notice it says "Pre-Beta Build", so I'm sure little kinks like that will be ironed out.

      at which part of the video is the staircase bit please tell me thanks

    Certainly Agent 47 can get a better knife, instead of the big ass kitchen variety. Maybe one more suited to murdering than chopping carrots.

    I hope it's more difficult than that in the final release. That target practically killed himself...

    Please for the love of god, DO NOT do a Splinter Cell and ruin the series... Stay true to the Hitman franchise and this is a day one buy for me...

    How the hell did he park his ride there?

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