Goodbye, Metal Gear Online

The end of Konami's stealth-meets-shooting multiplayer offering is nigh. It never became an persistent online juggernaut like Halo or Call of Duty but it did manage to grab a dedicated core of players. And those people? They may not be dealing with it too well, if the picture above is any indication. Call it denial, call it a party, call it a chance to goof off while a gameworld ends.

[h/t to Ryan Payton's Twitter account and @Adilegian]


    Player run dedicated servers, oh why have thee been taken from us.

    Sux for the long time fans

    And yet another reason why dedicated servers that can be run by the community should be a mandatory feature of any game(Or at least be implemented 12 months prior to a decided shut down date)

    But oh noes im just an entitled PC gamer. Because I would like the ability to play stuff I have paid for years later/

    I tried to sign up for MGS online once after it was released, the process was so horrible and convoluted I gave up.

      agreed, tried dl the files for it and it failed twice so i gave up on it

      Yea it did suck, but once you got past that it was pretty fun.

    Was a great game. I want to see some F2P sequel.

    I remember the spawn camping and massive gap between new and old players preventing me ever having any fun in the short time I played. A shame I guess as there was a lot of content to be had.

    What was this - on the PS3 or something? Why did you have to sign up to it?

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