Gravity Rush Comes Out Today


    Why cant they port these for play on the PSN?

      Because they'd like to sell a few Vitas at some point.

    Damn US! Sucks that it's out tomorrow, oh well, I guess I'll have my LBP Vita Beta to keep me company tonight!

      I'll be downloading later today :D

      Lbp vita beta? What-how?!

        By signing up a month or so ago for the beta :P

    It's not up on PSN yet... And I have a US account.

    Eb games in Perth were selling it yesterday, already got my copy :)

      This news is relevant to my interests!

      Any more detail you might have? Anyone else confirm EB are selling?

        Give the store a call, they'll confirm it :)

    got my copy yesterday from EB... kinda haven't opened it yet... lol

    So I got pretty excited when I saw this article... Jumped onto Playstation store via my PSV thinking cool, I've been hanging for this game since last year and I'm gonna purchase it and play the shit out of it till the sun comes up. Yeah! Sick! FTW! Loved the demo!
    Can you imagine my disappointment when I see that it's not available for download yet?

    uhhh, PSN is selling a special edition which contains the military mission pack for $47.95, WAY CHEAPER THAN JBHIFI, i only put 20 bucks on it, im getting it today.....i should cancel it and get the downloaded version

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