Hacker? Cracker? Who Cares, She's Only 11!

A sixth-grader from Osaka, Japan, is in protective juvenile custody after accessing an online game site with somebody else's password. The 11-year-old girl is accused of violating Japan's unauthorised Computer Access Law after figuring out the name, birthday and password of a 12-year-old school girl in Yamanashi Prefecture.

The game in question is free-to-play game Ameba Pigg.

The sixth-grader told authorities, "I was jealous of the in-game items the middle school girl had."

A life of crime at 11 kicked off with something that could be handled with some responsible parenting and understanding police officers. But why allow that when there's tax money to spend and this kid broke the law?

Catch all those kids, because they're the real threat!

大阪の小6女児を補導 不正アクセスの疑い [西日本新聞]

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    You guys are right, I know kids at hs who cackle and laugh because they stole passwords to younger kids and tease them, I find this horrible. We must find a way to inform all gamers of hacking as many younger gamers are unaware...

    Social engineering, possibly using the hacker mindset, but not cracking. Yes, it is important: The more we say "who cares?", the more the public get misinformed, the more this sort of thing will happen because people don't understand what they're actually doing.

    Wow, really twisted this news to make it suit Kotaku. The account in question wouldn't have been for Ameba Pigg, but rather, for the girl's Ameba account. Ameba is a blogging/social networking site in Japan, Pigg is just a social games/chatroom add-on. So this is the equivalent of getting into someone's Facebook (which has Pigg too!).

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