Half-Life's Agonising Remake Still On, New Screens Released

In development for around eight years now, the fan-made remake of the original Half-Life, known as Black Mesa, is almost a punchline for the torment followers of the series as a whole are feeling at its lack of updates.

The developers of the project are still plugging away, though, and have this morning released a bunch of new screenshots for Black Mesa, reminding us all that it's still not out, and that it's still looking great.

Last we heard, Black Mesa was going to be playable "soon-ish".


    There's still a part of me that suspects that Valve has asked them to hold off on releasing it until they decide whether they're doing something with the Half Life series.

      The stupid part of my brain wishes that when Half Life 3 is released, it comes with Half Life 1, 2 and all the episodes, all brought up to the latest engine specs with all the graphical bells and whistles. Then I could marathon through the entire trilogy for a week and die happy. I don't think that's very likely though.

    conspiracies go in 3.....2......1.......GO!!!!

      the meaning of life is "42"

        And His final message is: "We apologise for any inconveniences."

    Their planning for a simultaneous release with episode 3, so give it another 5 years.

    Man it would feel so weird fighting Vortigaunts after everything that has happened.

    I just want them to make HL3 already :(

      Actually, HL3 is already out. It has been stated that the HL2 episodes *are* HL3.

        I don't see how people buy this. The title itself includes the words "half-life 2" in them.

    Just release it, please. I've been very, very good this year.

    I think i just peed a little.

    Just shut up and take my money!

    *trembles like a schoolgirl*

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