Have Your Say On Video Game Prices

Earlier this year, Senator Conroy announced there would be an inquiry into the price of IT-related products and software, an inquiry that explicitly wanted to discuss the price of video games. That inquiry is currently looking for submissions on the topic, and as one of the most hotly discussed topics on Kotaku, I assumed that there would have been hundreds of submissions already. But now, with a couple of weeks until the submission deadline, only 31 submissions have been made.

The terms of reference for submissions are as follows.

The Committee will inquire into and report on:

(a) Whether a difference in prices exists between IT hardware and software products, including computer games and consoles, e-books and music and videos sold in Australia over the internet or in retail outlets as compared to markets in the US, UK and economies in the Asia-Pacific

(b) Establish what those differences are

(c) Determine why those differences exist

(d) Establish what the impacts of these differences might be on Australian businesses, governments and households

(e) Determine what actions might be taken to help address any differences that operate to the disadvantage to Australian consumers

To be perfectly fair, the government website hardly makes it easy to send submissions — it took me a short while to find out precisely how and where to send them. Head here for more information on the inquiry itself, and you can email submission directly to this address. It’s probably worthwhile revisiting the terms of the inquiry before sending. There are also some helpful guidelines on the best way to present your submission here.

We all know there is an issue with games pricing in this country, as well as the pricing of IT goods in general. This is as good a chance as any to make a difference.

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