Here Are Even More Unreal Engine 4 Demos

Did you see today's hot new Unreal Engine 4 graphics demo? And read about how it will change the games we play on the next Xbox and PlayStation, perhaps?


We have even more UE4 demo videos to share with you. These are some crude game prototypes that Epic principal artist Shane Caudle cooked up using the Unreal Engine 4's game-scripting tool Kismet. He made them, an Epic rep tells me, in a matter of hours or days.

These are obviously just programming tests, not $US60 real games, of course. But if you want a first look at something game-like running in the engine, here you go. Plus, there's shooting! Games are better when they have shooting, right?

(Also: Keep an eye on the lighting in some of these.)


    Unreal engine demos used to inspire awe. The key words being 'used to'.

      What didn't the other videos with all the lighting effects impress?

        If you are a PC gamer, like myself, then it's hardly impressing...

          I'm so glad I'm not the only one that feels this way. I just see these demo's and think "that's how all games SHOULD look now", not just the ones that devs were kind enough to add "advanced" graphics for PC.

    Can't wait to see what can be done with 11 months of straight dev time.

    I guess it looks good...Actually, Pikmin 3 seems to look better than that.


    All new water looks like big blue wavy jelly. I like jelly

    I liked the shadowing in the UFO-shooty-type one, it seemed to realistically map to the terrain. Bad shadowing in games is one of my pet hates and I spent the whole demo just watching it.
    Also, one guy, simply running programming tests, made in a few days? I don't think all the nay-saying is really justified.

    The water did not really look all that good,

    I think people are missing the point, it's the lighting they're showing off, not the graphics. The difference seems subtle but it makes a huge difference.

    God we have some kids here that have zero idea how to read or comprehend the term DEMO.

    These above videos were created in a matter of hours or days, it is a demonstration of the technology NOT a FINAL GAME.

    These videos show some great features such as the depth of field. green particle effect, highly detailed texture maps and physics affecting the boulders,
    The water looks good but the ship is not reacting with the water creating waves it is only riding the waves, I would like to see more water effects with reactions to objects.

    Take a look at the demo with the knight in the chair and lava flowing everywhere.

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