Here's A Friendly Tease For All You RPG Fans

If you've kept up with my regular column about Japanese role-playing games, you likely know that one of my favourite games of the past few years is a charming RPG called Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky.

The problem with Trails in the Sky, released last year for PSP, is that it ends on a cliffhanger. An annoying, compelling, Lost-like cliffhanger. And although there are several sequels that continue where Trails left off, none of those games have made it out of Japan just yet.

So last week in Los Angeles when I met with XSEED Games, the studio responsible for bringing games like Trails in the Sky to the US, I bugged them all non-stop about the RPG's first sequel, affectionately known to fans as "SC", or Second Chapter.

Perhaps just to get me to shut up, Director of Publishing Ken Berry offered a glimmer of hope.

"We haven't given up on it," Berry told me. "We're talking possible platform changes, a huge amount of text, technical issues... That one is still difficult."

Okay, I said. Can you at least give us a hint about other unannounced Japanese games you might bring to the West in the near future?

"We will likely be announcing sequels to a couple other titles that we've released in the last year or two," he said. "Maybe in the next month or two".

So there you go. Time to get our predicting goggles on. (For reference, here's a full list of the games XSEED has published.)

My guess? Half Minute Hero 2. Or maybe the sequel to horror-adventure game Corpse Party. Or the hotly-anticipated sequel to Fishing Resort.


    I've been putting off getting this game because of the lack solid release info on the sequels... will probably just cave soon.

      The first game itself is 70hrs long anyway, for most people that's an eternity...that is until the next game releases.

    I wonder if Jason Schreier actually plays any other game than JRPGs. It seems like he spends all his time divided between playing them and white-knighting them on the internet.

    As I understand it Corpse Party did pretty well for them despite being a PSN-only PSP game and probably took very little resources to localize, so I wouldn't be at all surprised to see the sequel to that. Aside from that the only games with unpublished sequels that they've published are Ys and Legend of Heroes games.

    I would actually expect that if anything they'll be releasing Trails in the Sky for Windows - all three parts of the trilogy had Windows releases in addition to PSP. If it's not that, they must be working on releasing Zero no Kiseki (the sequel to the TitS trilogy) for Vita - there's a port releasing for Vita in Japan in August.

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