A Look At Mists Of Pandaria's Box Art -- Is A Release Date Coming Soon Too?

Redditor JimmijTheRustler just up and published that image of what appears to be the official box for the upcoming Mists of Pandaria expansion to World of Warcraft.

It looks legit — that UPC barcode checks out. Yes, that was submitted very early this morning — however, on the World of Warcraft forums, a reader has pointed out that the number sequence follows the one Blizzard has used ever since it released the Battle Chest. And yes, this has been rated T by the ESRB, so that part's legit, too.

The tipster who put this on Reddit suggests that the "Mists of Pandaria dissipate this [winter]", but whether that means a release or just a general revelation of the expansion's details — including its release, who knows. The expansion did enter a closed beta in March.

Full width version is below the attribution. (Click it to enlarge).

And so, it begins... The mists of Pandaria dissipate this Summer. [Reddit. h/t Sgt.LulzJager]


    Coming from a user named "JimmijTheRustler"... Note the "Jimmi" and "Rustler" (its a meme used on /v/ AFAIK)...

    I smell a troll.

      Yeah, because we all know Reddit never ever uses any /v/ memes.

    No-one is going to buy the box anyway

    If anything we can more than likely expect a release around October, since the close beta ends in September & last time the beta ended a week before Cataclysm came out. So that might be a hint there.

    Its just a mock box that retailers get. Chances are that this guy works in retail and was just sent them. Why is this news??!

    It will be coming out in Oct/Nov/Dec, like every other game that's got empty boxes in stores coaxing preorders 4 months before it's even due.

    As for Heart of the Swarm, I'm guessing March 2013.

    Think in terms of quarters and representing a year on year increase in profit for those quarters. Also, remember that USA financial year starts in February - so your quarters are (Feb, Mar, Apr) (May, Jun, Jul) (Aug, Sep, Oct) (Nov, Dec, Jan). Unless I'm mistaken, each WoW expansion has arrived during the "Holiday Quarter", so I wouldn't expect MoP to arrive any day before November. Cataclysm's arrival only a few weeks out from Christmas didn't seem to diminish sales, so I think they'll aim there again; particularly as it comes a week or so after Thanksgiving + Black Friday.

    Additionally, the release of Diablo 3 in May strengthens the idea that Blizzard will also start to focus on a "Summer Blockbuster" type release in the May-Jul quarter, making it very likely that HotS will release in the same period next year.


    ......stay classy kotaku.... just as bad as ever

    Can not wait for it to be released. the box art looks awesome. super impressed with it

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