Here's Dishonored's Swashbuckling New Trailer

I'm not normally one for excitement over games, but whenever I see the world artist Viktor Antonov (Half-Life 2) has helped create for this game, I can't help it.

Especially since I'm a sucker for a good sea shanty.

Bethesda and Arkane's shooter will be out on PC, 360 and PS3 on October 9.


    With Bioshock Infinite pushed back til 2013, there's no reason this can't be big. Hope they have a decent story to go with the aesthetic - if so, they can take my money, no questions asked.

    Oh god Viktor has done an excellent job on this.

    "I’m not normally one for excitement over games" - Then why are you working for an "Enthusiast Media" site for games?

    I am somewhat INCREDIBLY PUMPED for this game. I'm hoping it will fill in for both my Bioshock AND Prey cravings, what with their respective delays.

    honestly, i'm not really excited for this game...

      I'm wih you there. Plus, I'm not really into those First-Person Melee combat style games. This game seems to have a bit of emphasis in that area. Reminds me of that Riddick game that I really didn't like.

    Anyone know what platform this footage was captured on?

      im guessing 360, unless its otherwised stated that its PC footage, they almost always so multiplatfrom games with the 360 version.

      Best part of the trailer was the music, fit the trailer perfectly.



    Looks like a thief bioshock hybrid. So I am very interested.

    Bland graphics, borrowed combat, but really beautiful music, it was really stirring.

    The jury is still out for me on this one until more details come out about the gameplay mechanics and find out if the game is first person only or can be switched between 1st and 3rd like TES games.

    I think with the sort of gameplay it looks to have that it will need at least a 3rd person while hugging the wall at corner type deal (for sneaking), the mechanic for this in R6 Vegas 2 but cleaned up with todays tech to feel a bit like The Witcher 2 (while hugging walls), its cover system worked well and felt right.

    The visuals look like 2007, but the art design is quite nice. The borrowed combat doesn't look all that interesting - so unless it has a good story or something else to really hook me - it's looking decent, but not spectacular.

    Looks like a lot of stabbing...

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