Here's Nintendo's Hardcore Wii U Controller In White

Earlier this week, Nintendo showed off a new Pro Controller that's designed to be used when playing titles that are ported from other systems, and not necessarily designed with the Wii U's unique capabilities in mind.

The first model shown was in black, but you know, since the console is also sold in white the pad will be available in that colour as well. Here it is.


    ... oh ... my ... god ... it is white!!! I am amazed.

    I like the console and tablet in black, but strangely prefer the pro controller in white.

    It works for apple!

    Ridiculous, it looks just like the black one, just in a different colour. Get some originality, Nintendo!

    Third party companies will have a field day with aftermarket buttons/sticks.
    The black would look great with blood red sticks.
    Any word on if the triggers are clicky or like the 360's?

    I think ill be buying the white version of everything wii-u dirt blah blah but its just so pretty. also i had the white wii so tradition blah blah

    is everyone that dumb or am i just staring at a xbox controller with wii controller figuration

    lol a new patent war will begin in a court near u hahaha

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