Here's The First Trailer For Dawnguard, Skyrim's First Full Expansion Pack

The province of Skyrim expands in coming weeks with Dawnguard, 1200 Microsoft Points worth of new epic adventure for the Xbox 360.

Dawnguard is a timed Xbox 360 exclusive, which is unfortunate seeing as I am fully invested in the PC version of the game at this point. Still, timed is timed, and we'll get it eventually. In the meantime I'm sure the modding community can come up with their own expansion pack or two to tide us over.

Anyone else getting a Nightwatch / Daywatch vibe from this, or is that just me?

We'll find out more about Dawnguard next week at E3 2012.


    Yeah definitely drawing inspiration from Nightwatch.

    Looks awesome, hope it comes to PC soon.

    Vasmpire Lord transformations like the Werewolf transformations? Cool.

    Looks awesome. I can't wait to have some new adventures in Skyrim.

    Can't wait for the ps3 release.

    wait. crossbows?
    i think the morrowind fans on the official forums just collectively pissed themselves with excitement.

      I'll wait for polearms to be back in before I do that.


    Its actually 1600 Microsoft Points


    ...Wait, Xbox first? Funk. Do we have any idea how long we have to wait?

    Yay, an excuse to jump back in.

    Screw you Timed Exclusives!

    But my characters only level 37! I still have approximately 975 quests waiting to be completed... and I haven't even met the Greybeards yet!

    Have they fixed the PS3 version yet? Cause last time I checked I still could't join the thieves guild. Or the warriors. I found a word of power I couldn't learn and all I got was a cure for some lag. Truly second rate release.

    The only shitty thing with that trailer is the fucking "BETTER WITH KINECT" that dtotaly breaks the mood of the trailer.

      As if jarring american douche voices weren't bad enough, that actually ruined a trailer.

    Looking forward to firing up a fresh playthrough with as many visual upgrades as my pc can handle when this finally drops for other systems.

    i can't wait to plunge my sword (or arrows from crossbow) into a giant bat! *excited*

    Dragons diving into the ice?
    Yup.. I'm in!!

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