Hey, Darth Vader, Stop Being So Dramatic

It's the lowest point in Darth Vader's career, and possibly the lowest point in any of the six Star Wars movies. But we don't need to be so sad, for unintended reasons, when the Sith Lord screams out in anguish. There's still room for a laugh.

These shirts show that such cries are actually pretty standard for the big guy. On birthdays, sunday mornings, winter days, doesn't matter.

Vader Mow, Blow, Snow [welovefine, via Fashionably Geek]


    Not sure how Lucas thought the "NOOOO" sounded 'good' when he shot it, not sure how Lucas still thought it sounded 'good' when he put it through the editing room, for pre-screens, for reviewers etc. The first time I saw it, half the theatre laughed...

      only half?

    I'm not a Star Wars fan, but the are all hillarious. Might get one...

    George Lucas made Vader into one of the most badass villains in history. When he turned him into a meme.

      Indeed I there is ever any reason people shouldn't change things once there done ME3 for example. It's what George Lucas has done to his films. What's worse I that he refuses to even sell the originals in the higher def formats

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