Hi Animal Crossing 3DS, It's Been Too Damn Long

It feels like forever since we've seen new footage of the 3DS iteration of Nintendo series Animal Crossing. Luckily, then, the company's overnight Japanese press conference gave us over two minutes of gameplay footage.

The Animal Crossing Channel [YouTube]


    Why yes, it has been too long, way too long. I can't understand why it wasn't even mentioned in the western conferences. Makes me sad :(

      It was definately mentioned in the Euro presentation. They apologized because it wouldn't be out until 2013.

    The taller bodies seem a bit off somehow.

    I am so excited for this

    The return of Porter to Animal Crossing should be headline news around the globe.

    I'm surprised they didn't use Mii characters in it... I think it's a good surprise, but I'm still surprised nonetheless.

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