Hitler Recaps The Week In Video Games

Godwin's Law states that "as an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1." As basically all video game discussion takes place online, let's just cut to the chase and give der fuehrer's take on recent topics of interest to gamers.

It's been a month since we checked in with Hitler for his take on video games, especially the announcements coming out of E3. As expected, he is none too pleased with current developments.

Hitler Reviews Mario Tennis Open

That goddamn Fegelein. In-laws always stuff up your enjoyment of everything, video games especially.

June 12, 2012. By tailsncream

Hitler and Others Play QWOP

It's scary how much I have in common with history's most evil despot, when I play this game, anyway. 10 solid minutes of swearing in German, with extremely offensive subtitles.

June 10, 2012. By Thunderbirds360 TV

Hitler Reacts to Splinter Cell: Blacklist

Hitler's a big fan of Ham Tyler in the Splinter Cell series, too. Here he gets the bad news that Michael Ironside is too old and too fat to continue in the role.

June 6, 2012. By TravisDanielWilliams

Hitler Plans to Buy Battlefield 3 Premium

Another E3 announcement that went over like a turd in a punchbowl. Hitler's fed up with Black Ops and decrees no more. He's buying Battlefield 3: Premium, screw all you haters.

June 7, 2012. By Luigafan0798


    Does Hitler talk about how Australians are getting ripped off for the Premium service?

    These Hitler videos have gotten very old. Kotaku needs a new gimmick.

    Yawn seriously?? This got old when it was first shown, real quick.

    This has become down right lame, please refrain from doing such lame subjects in the future.

      Welcome to Kotaku, where 90% of the news comes from r/gaming and the rest is old memes

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