How Nintendo Wants You To See Its Games

Last year we looked at what Nintendo's favourite and least-favourite screenshots post-E3 were. It seemed like angle-choice, depth of background action and colour appeal were the determining factors for which was the best and which was the worst.

Now that another year of E3 has come and gone, Nintendo's latest batch of press kits dictate the same instructions as last year, hoping that we will abide by their priority numbers in selecting screenshots on the site.

Scoll down to check out what Nintendo considers to be their least and most favourite screenshots. First up is New Super Mario Bros. U. What do you say? Does one side look more appealing than the other? Was Nintendo's judgment call accurate?

Game & Wario

LEGO City: Undercover

Nintendo Land

Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge

This was the only one that didn't have a "1" priority attached to it. The best is scored as "2," though this could've been a typo.

Pikmin 3

Project P-100


Wii Fit U

Wii U Panorama View

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

New Super Mario Bros. 2

Paper Mario: Sticker Star


    I think they nailed it. Nothing wrong with wanting to show your best side, so long as it isn't misleading.

    Mostly agree, think the Pikmin 'worst' looks better though.

    Only one I'd disagree with is Luigiā€™s Mansion: Dark Moon.

      Agreed, I think the 'worst' screenshot has great lighting that adds atmosphere. The 'best' one is too cluttered and bright, also the coins everywhere make it look like yet another Mario platformer.

    I think what is misleading is the fact that they only kind of tried to sneak out the information that you're never going to have 4 people using the tablet. If you use 2 tablets it slows down to 30FPS.

    LEGO City: Undercover is a strange one. The preferred picture gives you no indication what it is like as a game. The "worst" picture is actually useful.

    I still don't see why they think it's better to show the Wii U Tablet controller being held at arms length than like a normal person.

    im sorry, what? to me they look the same, whats the difference

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