How Well Do You Know Your 90s Video Games?

Reader Saybox has made this terrific timewaster of a browser game, which tests your 90s game knowledge by asking you to "name that tune". There are 93 games in total listed, and if you're stuck, there are a limited number of hints you can get. I have little shame in saying I could get less than half of these.

Were you a Nineties Gamer? [Kongregate]


    Ouch thats hard, its got SNES and Megadrive games, back in those days you only had one or the other.
    I only scored 17.

      Use the "hints" and "trivia" to help yourself a long! That's what I've been doing when I hear a game I don't recognise (ie: nintendo games, I was a sega lad)

    There's some really good music in here, wish there was a youtube playlist I could listen to.

    apparently Lylat wars is "Starfox"

      Actually the N64 version was Lylat Wars the SNES version of Star Fox was calles Star Wing.

    Between my house mate and I, we managed nearly every song. There were a few he nailed within a note or two, and few I nailed within a note or two. A couple threw me because they used the SNES version of a soundtrack I was used to with the Mega Drive, or vice versa (Earthworm Jim being the big one).

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