I Have No Idea What's Going On In This Game, But I'm Fascinated

This stop-motion horror game is downright creepy. It reminds me a lot of Limbo, given this somewhat vague description from the student project: "Candle is an experimental stop-motion survival horror game."

In Candle you play as a puppet boy made from wood, cloth and entrails. Trapped underground, you must tunnel your way out, all while avoiding the unseen horrors that lurk in the dark.

But it diverges from there, getting into a just-as-vague explanation of what the gameplay will be like:

The gameplay of Candle focuses on exploring and listening. The audio centric game mechanics reward a careful and thoughtful player whilst punishing those with more rushed approaches.

I love a game that encourages exploration, particularly if it intends to freak you out while you do so. The creepy trailer raises some serious questions, though. Like what the hell is happening at the 1:03 time mark?!


    I had to stop the video: The stop motion was annoying me. I don't have anything against stop motion, but I do want it to be well done: the puppet's limbs were sliding all over the place.

    It's like inserting an actor that is walking into a scene, but only having him move at a third of the speed that the actor is walking: moonwalking all over the place. Here, it's the puppet that is mooncrawling...Why make it do that? It probably shouldn't get to me as much as it does, but the point stands!


    Any word on platform? Please be Xbox.

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