I Pika-Choose This Pokemon Latte Art

I have a couple of friends on my Facebook feed who post attempts at 'Latte art'. Most of it is like looking at the finger paintings of a three year old. 'Oh that's a nice... elephant...' 'It's supposed to be a portrait of Sean Bean!' This latte art is different. It actually looks exactly like the thing it's supposed to be! And that thing is Pokemon!

These were done by a "barista with gaming on the brain and yearning for something to do in the quiet times at work". I think they're incredible!




Head to the Tumblr for more!


    Dat Flareon. Wow. O_O

    Yeah that Flareon is 10/10 for me.
    Where does this barista work?

      Seriously I'll go there and pay double to get a Flareon coffee for my girlfriend :)

    Ah! I'm so excited to see Jade's stuff on here!
    I hear her coffees are delicious as well. ;)

    Wow... aha.. well this didn't take long at all ^^"

    I'm from little old Adelaide. Granted my boss is so anti-latte art hence why this only gets done when it's absolutely dead quiet. As soon as it's busy it's just regular coffee as alot of them take quite sometime to do :3

      Wow! Thanks for dropping by!

        You are most welcome. I'm still shocked at how quickly this kind of came about, I've literally only had the Tumblr for like 2 days..

        Guess I need to keep up with demand now haha ^^"

    Have a barista friend who competes internationally. Some of the art the pros turn out is effing amazing.

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