I Saw Square Enix's Jaw-Dropping Luminous Studio Engine Running. It's For Real

Unreal 4 better watch its back. Square Enix pulled off what may be E3's biggest surprise tonight when they unveiled an incredible real-time demo of their new Luminous Studio engine. I shot video of the reel as it was first shown and you can see that the after-hours crowd took in the whole four-minute-plus demo in silent awe.

The videos above show the demo in full and then peel back the layers to show the level of detail and control that Luminous will afford developers. Square Enix has been known for eye-popping visuals in their Final Fantasy titles and this new tech makes it seem that like that legacy will keep going strong into future generations.


    How about a full quality version of it?

    This is their Tech Demo page -


    holy DOOLY!


    Could this be a reason for the VsXIII delay?

    u delay VsXIII for this...... THIS?!?!?
    VsXIII is even longer than GT5 wait by now

      Herp, Derp. Versus is making use of this engine.


      Also the guys who do SE's CGI put this together. Not one of their production team which are working on games.

    Wow. That's why I'm concerned for Wii U. What if Sony or MS show off this level of quality in a year or two?


    Better Quality (On-Screen)

    Shaky camera + shaky footage = blurgh.

    That is some awesome rendering. Still some work to be done on facial expressions & speech, but this is the future.

    I kinda prefer games that have stylised graphics. With these kinds of realistic graphics, there's always going to be a better one in a few years, but if you stylise your graphics and do it well, it's going to look timeless.

    Now this is what E3 is supposed to be about! Good stuff.

    But what hardware was it running on?It could have been a $5,000+ PC or even a workstation in which case it doesnt really represent whats possible on Next Gen consoles.

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