I Watched This Kingdom Hearts Primer And I Still Have No Idea What's Going On

I'm a fan of Lore in a Minute!, a site that breaks down a game's lore and story in easily digestible, humorous movies. It's great for if you want to hop into a series midway through without going back and slogging through long, older games.

I headed over there to check out their fun new BioShock Lore in a Minute! video, and wound up going through a few old ones that I'd never seen.

I've wanted to get into the Kingdom Hearts games for a long time. Given the fact that it sounds like we're finally getting another HD version on consoles, it would probably be a good time to bone up on the story I'd missed.

So, I watched this video. I've always known that Kingdom Hearts had some dense lore, so it made sense that it took the folks at Lore In a Minute almost two minutes to sum up the story of Kingdom Hearts. But after watching it... I still have no idea what the hell is going on in Kingdom Hearts.

So, I have to ask: What the fuck is going on in these games? Does anyone really understand the story? Is it really as much of a clusterfuck as it seems?

I love a dense video game story as much as the next guy, but this seems absurd. Has anyone ever created a functional recap of the events of these games? Or is that part of the appeal?

If we get an HD Kingdom Hearts game, I hope that I'll be able to play it and understand at least some of what's going on. Or heck, maybe I can watch this video a couple dozen more times and see if I finally start to follow.


    I..I played 3 of the games and I don't remember ANY of that happening.

      I believe this is the lore for "Birth by Sleep" which was released on the PSP.

    Clusterfuck is probably the prefect adjective to describe the narrative in Kingdom Hearts.

      also, there's some misinformation there, Terranort ends up in Radiant Garden, and thats after the x-blade shatters, but i digress

    I know it like the back of my hand, despite its complexity. Everyone who's followed the series since the start knows what i'm talking about. They also know its next to impossible to explain to people without the natural progression of the games

    You have to have played the psp one and the main 2 to understand it i think

      And maybe Chain of Memories to know what the point of the beginning of KH2 was about.

    That only explains Birth By Sleep, it even says at the end .. "...sets the stage for Kingdom Hearts".
    The only thing that's confusing as hell is who's who - e.g xehanort, xemnas, terranort blabla

    The games revolving around the main series (I, II, Chain of Memories, 356/2 Days) all make complete sense once you play them.

    WARNING: Lot's of spoilers in here.

    From what I understand, it all revolves around Xehanort trying to become 'complete' again. To do this he collects Hearts which can only be unlocked by a Keyblade user.

    'Kingdom Hearts I' is when Xehanort is a Heartless and is trying to open the door to the Kingdom Heart by collecting the Disney princesses. It introduces Sora as a destined Keyblade wielder (reasons are provided in Birth by Sleep).

    In 'Chain of Memories' they get Namine to fuck with Sora's memories in order to recruit him into Organization XIII (IIRC) and is the first of two games to bridge the gap between I and II. It also explains why half of Organization XIII is gone by the time 'Kingdom Hearts II' comes around.

    '356/2 Days' is the once untold story of Roxas and his time with Organization XIII. It provides Roxas's back story and also explains why he's inside a digital world at the beginning of 'Kingdom Hearts II.' It also introduces the story of Organization XIII collecting hearts with the Keyblade, although I can't remember if it mentions why in the game.

    'Kingdom Hearts II' begins with the introduction of Roxas as they rebuild Sora's memory. The game revolves once again around Xehanort's, now the Nobody Xemnas, attempt to use Roxas/Sora to collect hearts to make another Kingdom Heart to once again try and become human.

    Dolan? Is that you?

      Gooby pls

    That is because it is only the "lore" of the psp game (Birth by Sleep - a prequel)

    here read this: http://docs.google.com/a/ucdavis.edu/viewer?a=v&pid=explorer&chrome=true&srcid=0B8cPyvE2GTjOMzE4MTVlZTctMjE5Yi00YzAzLWJjZTAtZTllODY2OTc2MTMx&hl=en_US&pli=1

    If (I haven't checked the link) as people are saying this is Birth By Sleep then your missing a HUGE amount of prerequisite information. You need one on the original Kingdom Hearts. It explains the Heartless, the Keyblade, the setting and the like.

    It is confusing if you come at it from the wrong direction, such as tryign to get a complete recap from like the fifth game in the series.

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