If Minecraft Had A High-Tech Physics Engine

If Minecraft Had A High-Tech Physics Engine

One of the charming (and most would say, integral) things about Minecraft is the game’s floaty, particular physics engine. But what if it had a “proper” next-gen physics engine?

This video, made in Blender 3D, seeks to show that very thing. It also wonders “What would happen if a couple hundred Minecraft dudes all tumbled down a white chimney at the same time?”

Because I know I‘ve wondered that plenty of times.


  • I have been thinking this for a while but I think its time for minecraft to die off a bit personally. It was fun for a bit but it’s kind of over now. Games like terraria were much more fun anyways

    • Yeah, I kind of get what you mean. Thankfully I found the solution to my problem: I deleted it from my PC and stopped clicking links that said “Minecraft” in the title.

      Now I’m happy all the time, and so is the guy next to me who still loves playing it during his lunch break.

    • Personally I think the biggest issue at least in my mind was that Notch promised all these features. Realized he couldn’t deliver them so delivered something different instead(And still not properly) then palmed it all off to Jeb.

      I haven’t played Minecraft in a while. Because the features he said he would add never appeared and the ones that he did add detracted from the game more than they added to it in my mind.

  • If they implemented that feature in minecraft, a computer would have to have at least 3 to 4GB of RAM would be needed for no lag on computers to work and the price would be quite expensive when it’s released for people who didn’t buy minecraft, which would be a worry for those ones who can’t afford it

  • I remember when they tried to push similar (dmm?) tech with the force unleashed. I don’t remember anything particularly interesting about the physics except on the first level as darth vader. I was disappointed I guess because it was advertised as a game where you destroy everything, but instead we got a game where you could only destroy particular things.

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