If Nintendo Made A 3DS That Looked Like A NES...

Dutch designer Bjørn van der Linden is the man to thank for this Nintendo 3DS mock-up, which goes that extra 10 miles by placing the thing in lifestyle images and website snaps that look just like ones Nintendo would actually use.

It's got a retro NES theme, similar to Nintendo's own older (and amazing) Game Boy Advance, only this one could play Ocarina of Time 3D.

The 3DS is available nowhere, and has a recommended retail price of In Your Dreams.

Nintendo 3DS NES Edition [Behance, via ALBOTAS]


    I don't really want a 3ds, but I would definitely buy this one!

      Yeah who needs a fridge anyway, right?

        I've already got a fridge. Smartarse.

          How good would a NES branded fridge be?! Everytime you open it, it plays the Mario theme!
          Good for keeping mushrooms in too ;)

            Hahaha! Except the "mushrooms" we'd be wanting for it are kinda hard to find.... ;)

              This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    Oh that's a nice colour scheme for the DS, I would buy that in the new XL 3DS for sure!


    Seriously...THIS in a 3DS XL...a larger 3DS would be much more comfortable but I cant warrant replacing my current 3DS just on that basis

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