If One Of America’s Great Artists Painted One Of America’s Great Video Games

If One Of America’s Great Artists Painted One Of America’s Great Video Games

Norman Rockwell, one of America’s truly great artists, didn’t live to see Valve’s Portal released. Dying in 1978, he didn’t come close. But let’s imagine, just for a moment, that he had.

He just might have come up with something like this. Jesse Rubenfeld’s painting, called This Was a Triumph, is based on Rockwell’s famous “Rosie the Riveter” work from the Second World War, which at the time appeared on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post.

This one? It’ll have to settle for the cover of Kotaku.

This Was a Triumph Painting [Etsy, via Super Punch]



  • I know this was meant to be stylized and all, but I think this looks as much like Chell as Luciano Pavarotti looks like Ezio Auditorre…

  • Woo, that looks a little messed up. A combination of poor lighting and painting over the original Rosie who was wearing an apron without adjusting the clothing to match Chell’s jumpsuit kinda make it look like her legs aren’t attached to her body. The props have evidently been stuck in after the fact.

    It’s a neat idea, but the execution isn’t exactly great. I’d have used the TF2 Heavy myself given that TF2’s art is in part inspired by Rockwell’s painting and there’s some suggestion that he might have been slightly inspired by Rosie herself..

    • Wait is he selling that? I wonder what the legalities of painting over someone else’s art and then selling it are. It’s pretty unethical if not illegal.

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